JIRA is amazing

My polyphasic sleeping pattern is leaving me so full of beans that when I’m at work I’m able to focus like never before. Would you believe I haven’t even checked out xkcd.com this week. (Don’t worry I will at the weekend) I think we can all agree that this would be the first place your mind might wonder to during they day.

Today, we finally got our own instance of JIRA and I have been using it to keep track of what I’ve been doing. It’s early days yet and we’ll see if I can keep it up long term but it is really boosting my moral. Being able to look at the end of the day and see exactly whats been done. Sometimes, when one spends the whole day fiddling around with configuration and build scripts, it can feel like nothing has been achieved but if you log everything on JIRA you can see all the different things you tried. This has the additional benefit that one is much less likely to go around in circles.

I understand why some people get worried about recording every little detail  because it would be easy for an unscrupulous boss to twist things against you. However, I feel like its a little bit like recording your weight.

Some people say that because your weight fluctuates all over the place you should only take a reading once a week this way you should see a steady decline which will leave your moral high. However, this is clearly ilinformed clap-trap. The smart thing to do is to weigh oneself everyday and think of ones current weight as the maximum (or minimum) figure from the last seven days. This way you should see an actual trend irrespective of the daily fluctuations.

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