Hello from Bassat, Bergen

My fiancee and I are on holiday this week in Norway onboard the Celebrity Eclipse. We have been walking around Bergen today with a map provided to us by the local chamber of commerce. On which there was what looked like a delightful little cafe so after visiting the castle / fortress we attempted to make a bee line for it.

However, the map was not at a very high resolution so to avoid the direction it provided (which was the way to go in a car) I took a cut through some very narrow streets. Unfortunately my better half always demands that I make cast iron commitments that I know where I am going (in a country I have never visited before) which can be quite embarrassing when I get it wrong (which happens slightly more often than I would care to admit, probably even more often than Hannah notices because sometimes I am able to obfuscate my mistake). Fortunately when we arrived (by this point it had started to rain) there was a sign outside which read in an Obi-Wan Kenobi style, “this is the bar that you are looking for [swish-of-hand]”. 
The coffee has been good, free wi-fi is always a plus and the rather whimsical goldfish named Jesus living in a giant glass bottle makes this cafe a definite hit with me. I intend to give a good review on trip advisor.
Unsurprisingly the town (city?) of Bergen is a little obsessed with trolls and there was a shop selling Christmas decorations, which with four months to go seemed a little early. Otherwise most of the monuments, the old churches for example, seem to be closed for refurbishment and we can’t establish if the food festival that Lonely Planet said happened early to mid september was happening or not. There is a food market, but it might just be the general one and there are a lot of stores that seem obsessed with woollen jumpers and trolls which don’t sell any fish.

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