– What do your LinkedIn connections get paid?

Ever wondered what someone who you are connected with on Linked in gets paid? Well now you will be able find out, or at least what the consensus view is thanks to the website I am launching with my good friend Amy Peniston this evening, without having to share your own salary information.

The idea is very simple, we allow you to guess the pay of your LinkedIn connections and for everyone one that you have guessed we will show you what we think they are paid. It’s the gossip around the water cooler but without the requirement to trust that what you say won’t influence the person you are speaking with or the risk that once you’ve shared your opinion the strong social taboo around money means that you won’t get a response.

For most people the salary they receive from their job will dominate their earnings over their lifetimes, yet from the moment one first speaks to a careers advisor at school almost all the information provided is overly generic, often based on (meaningless or arbitrary) job titles and rarely helpful to you in balancing the trade off between, more time in formal study, doing a job that you absolutely love, moving away from your support networks or any of the other myriad actions one could take to change their employment profile.

Come to start guessing salaries and let’s empower ourselves to make better career choices and reduce pay disparity.

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