Round 1

The first of what will hopefully be ninty-three days with ninty three rounds of golf got off to a great start. The first four holes were very ropey. I had managed to acrue a score of 36 by the end of hole 4. Lost a ball on hole 2 to a bad drive. My stroke and distance penalty had me lying 3 having made less than a hundred yards progress. I was thinking why on earth have I set myself the challenge to use my garden leave to play so much golf.

The course was fully loaded and by the end of hole four the three ladies playing behind me had caught up and invited me to join them. I don’t know how but this vastly improved my play. I still lost a few balls but had no scores above 8 the rest of the round and even hit a par on the eighteenth.

Valerie, Elaine and Leslie were great company. I don’t really know why it works as a social sport but golf makes for incredibly easy conversation. In a small group there is reason for people to use each others names, which aides with memorisation. and pleasant things to say to each other when you make those great shots or drives.

I got a little over excited, thinking this was my ball on the green in two. It was not.

A pleasant mid morning for sure though I sensed a little scepticism that I will be able to play 93 straight rounds. Only time will tell.

The gross par at the end made for a net albatross for a total of 30 Stableford points.

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