Round 3

Another beautiful day for a round of golf. Not having grown up in a golfing family I still don’t quite have the ettiquette on the Tee box down. Having rushed about a bit to get on the Tee for 0952 the couple due to tee off behind me at 1000 were teeing off themselves when I arrived on the tee box at 0950.

I suspect its just all a lot more relaxed during the week since there isn’t anything like the demand for tee times. The earliest tee times on a Monday are blocked for the agronomy team.
The round started off well and I made a special effort to record the location of my strokes accurately in the app I use for the purpose on my iPhone. It did make me realise just how annoying it is that the Face ID doesn’t work with sun glasses. Its also annoying that one can’t switch passcodes off for a bit.

One has to switch the phone screen off before putting it in ones pocket else it will get “pressed” all over the place and likely do something unexpected. Its just one more example of the way that the makers of these devices obviously often don’t use them to do anything interesting themselves.

At the end of the first four holes I thought today was going to be the day for a really great round. I’d practically made the par 5 second hole in regulation and was feeling like I was on for a great round. Then, of course, comes hole 5. The first ball goes straight into Mangrove Lake with my second from the drop zone going in too. At the end of the hole I hit the ball thin and it whizzes over the green nearly getting lost again before putting out for a 13!

Carrying on the rest of the front nine was just more disaster. On hole 8 the tees were in a very unusual position but this led to a great drive followed by a good second shot leaving me to think I had my mojo back. Sadly this proved not to be the case with mt third shot landing straight in the bunker. I would then plant the ball in the bank coming out of the bunker only to fail to knock it back into the bunker when trying to hit the plugged ball twice more. At least it gave the agronomy team a bit of a lark.

9 was another fine mess. My first drive when straight in the water but was at least followed by a good shot that went straight down the middle. Only to over shoot the green at the end and oscillate over the top a couple of times before finishing off for a 12.

The back nine was a completely different story however. I’ve set a new personal best for consecutive holes at bogey or better (3). After taking my drive on 16 I began to think I was in serious risk of breaking 50 for the back nine (as the drive on this most evil of holes head gone swimmingly). Only to lose a ball when I was sure it should have landed on the fairway and then to get stuck in the bunker for five whole strokes!

The best round I’ve played in a while with 39 Stableford points. My bike has been collected from the shop so tomorrow we shall see if cycling up to the club has a positive impact on play.

7, 6, 4, 9, 13, 8, 6, 11, 12, 6, 6, 5, 4, 7, 6, 14, 5, 7

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