Day 0 – Birmingham to Kirk Yetholm

Photo 29-08-2015 10 23 06
Is this my train?

Here we go – why have I agreed to do this? Well I think it is a (not very) secret ambition of my father to complete the Pennine way and it isn’t something that would be a huge amount of fun on ones own. We tried before (in the month before going up to Cambridge 10 years ago) and failed.

Did I say this bag is heavy, really heavy (though probably not soldier heavy) weighing in at a whopping 22kg!

Of course if you are going to follow me over this trip you are likely to do it for 2 main reasons:

  1. Awesome pictures of the Pennines (though I think almost any such picture is likely to look awesome)
  2. Gruesome pictures of blister pain. I can promise these but you’ll have to wait until my just giving page is live it seems like a good opportunity to tap you up to donate to the Scout group I am doing this in aid of.

It probably won’t be to see pictures of Train stations like these:

Bye Bye Birmingham
Leaving Birmingham for 3 Weeks!

Not been here since the night after my Cambridge interview!
Not been here since the night after seeing Christ’s for the first time.

I understand that to get people to read a blog its important to create suspense and surprise so here goes. While travelling on the above train in to York I checked my National Rail Enquiries App and it told me I only had 4 minutes to make my connection at York. With Dad also catching that connection and with us both having Advance tickets I began to get nervous. Would we get on the train, would we be able to use the later train, would he be able to use a later train if his train arrived on time, would we get to sit in First class and enjoy a complementary sandwich.

It turned out that the app shows departure and not arrival times! Can you believe it something about trains that I didn’t know!

Eventually we arrived in Berwick

So this is what all the fighting was about.

After taking two buses (which between them went past 55 stops) we arrived in Kirk Yetholm were we stayed in a lovely guest house Blunty’s Mill which was run by a young man named Charles who I rather cringe-worthily kept referring to with the feminine pronoun (her) when speaking with a man who was either a father or neighbour despite having corresponded with him by e-mail several times and each of them having been signed off as Charles. It’s an example of everyday sexism and I am ashamed.

Blunty’s Mill

With an early start planned we were early to bed following dinner at the Border Hotel who very kindly moved our reservation from 8pm to 6pm. Though I should say I found it a little unusual the way we were asked to sit in the bar but I am sure no one came in to take our table in the Restaurant but the food was quite good and at £80 for 3 courses between 2 people with a bottle of wine made me Dinner at Gaucho with Mark and Hannah last week look very expensive.

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